A Guide to Preparing Your Home With Our Property Photographer
Property photographer in Exeter, East Devon
The goal is to create an inviting and neutral space that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Thank you for choosing Highrise Marketing & Media to capture the beauty of your home through professional property photography. To ensure your home looks its best in the photographs, we’ve put together this guide to help you prepare. A well-prepared home can significantly enhance the quality of the photos and attract potential buyers. Follow these steps to showcase your property in the best possible light:

Property photographer in Exeter, East Devon
Property photographer in Exeter, East Devon

1. Declutter and Clean: Clear away any unnecessary items to create a clean and spacious look. You could remove personal items such as family photos, excessive decorations, and clutter from countertops, tables, and floors. A clutter-free space will make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

2. Tidy Up Outdoor Spaces: Curb appeal matters. Trim bushes, mow the lawn, and clear pathways. Remove any outdoor clutter like toys, gardening tools, or hoses. If you have a porch, make it inviting with clean furniture and a few well-placed potted plants.

3. Interior Cleaning: Thoroughly clean all rooms, including windows, mirrors, and surfaces. Vacuum and mop floors, wipe down kitchen worktops, and clean appliances until they sparkle. A clean space enhances the appeal of your home in photographs.

4. Depersonalise: Remove personal items such as family portraits, certificates, and personal memorabilia. This helps potential buyers envision the space as their own and maintains their focus on the property’s features.

5. Organise Furniture: Arrange furniture to showcase the flow of each room. Make sure furniture is proportional to the space – too much furniture can make a room appear smaller. Consider the angles at which the furniture will be photographed and adjust accordingly.

Interior Photography

6. Maximise Natural Light: Open blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light makes rooms feel larger and more inviting. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs to ensure proper lighting during the shoot.

7. Staging: Consider light staging by adding fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, or a few decorative pillows. These simple touches can add warmth and personality to the photos. However, avoid over-staging, as you want the photos to reflect a realistic representation of the home.

8. Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces: Clear worktops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Hide away personal hygiene items and toiletries. Clean mirrors, shower screens, and fixtures to ensure a polished look.

9. Bedrooms: Make beds with clean, coordinated bedding. Remove any clutter from nightstands and dressers. Keep the floor clear of shoes and clothing.

Your garden before property photography
Your garden before property photography

10. Outdoor Areas: If you have an outdoor space, like a patio or garden, set up seating areas with clean, well-maintained furniture. Showcase any unique features, such as a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

11. Pet Considerations: If you have pets, hide away their belongings like bowls, beds, and toys. If possible, take your pets out of the house during the photoshoot to prevent them from appearing in the shots.

12. Exterior: Ensure that the exterior of your home is well-maintained. A fresh coat of paint, clean windows, and a clutter-free garden contribute to excellent curb appeal.

13. Final Walk-Through: Before the photoshoot, do a final walk-through to ensure everything is in place. Check for any overlooked clutter or items that might be distracting in the photos.

By following these steps, you’ll help us capture the true essence of your home in the best possible light. Remember, the goal is to create an inviting and neutral space that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.